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About The Smartseoworld

On Smartseoworld we provide various quality of articles about SEO that will help you Build Your Website Traffic From Zero To 5,000 Daily Readers. At first, we weren’t even yet growing blog, But we can make it to the top with the help of you!

Ataghana Michael, (Nickname- Mininely) –FOUNDER & AUTHOR OF 

Ataghana Michael- (Nickname-Mininely)  is an experienced blogger, who has been on the internet for the past 6 years. but started Smartseoworld not too long. He started to blog on blogger platform with an investment of $30, and now he is making real income per month by promoting some product and services. 

Apart from blogging, is he also an offline graphics designer, where I make money for a living apart from online.

Been On The Internet For 6 Years, Why Blogging Now

well, been on the internet for so long does make me a blogger, because I being on the internet doing other important things, and having fun then.

Why Blogging

I have been on the internet for some years now and I have gathered some knowledge, so I decided to start my own blog so I can share the little things I know, that will be useful for individuals.

 Blogging To Make a Name Or to Make Money

Well this question may be very hard for some people, but as for me is both, as a new blogger, is to make a name, but if my blog goes viral I can start thinking about making money from it.