5 E-commerce Optimization Tips to Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rate


As an e-commerce site owner. You are going to generate almost all of your income from your product pages. That is where people can add stuff to their card and buy. So today I'm going to teach you how two optimize your e-commerce product pages.

Step 1: Meta Tag

The first thing you need to do is optimize your meta tag. Your title tags and meta description should break down what the product is, the benefit of it, and why people should buy it.

This's the stuff that people would read when they are googling.

Anytime you do a google search, you will see a title and the description. That is what Google got from your source code. You want to make sure you have a really attractive title tag and meta description. 

Go over what your product is

  •  Why Should You Buy It
  •  Benefits Of Product
  •  Includes The Main Keywords of your product within the title tag and meta description

Step 2. Using Metrics:

If someone is coming to your e-commerce product pages and they bounce back and go back to google search page. It tells Google that they don't find what they are looking for and your ranking should go down.

If you want me to stick around and buy your product, then what you need to do is to focus on the product. Make sure they can read the text and understand why they should buy the product.

If they want to look at the images or video review of it to see what they are going to get without been there in person "great" just make sure it's high-quality images or videos

If you have a review from other people to know if it's a good or bad product "great" Think about when you are going to an eCommerce site and you are buying a product. You want to see specific things.

Make sure you include all those things within your product e-commerce pages, and that is how you increase your user metrics.

Step 3. The other thing you need to do to Rank Higher is your headings

You can use H1 or H2 headings, you would see them all over the site on Amazon and it should describe the product, and as a keyword within the page, it'll help you rank high.

Step 4: Include Feature List

People google a lot of time features when they are looking for products, and by having both features, they would know what they are going to get and It helps to gate more traffic and it also helps more conversion

Step 5: Make Sure You Cross-Linking

One of the most beautiful thing about Amazon is that anytime you go to a product page they start showing you other relevant product, things that are very similar you can look at.

By cross-linking, this helps Google to index more of your product pages, increase your ranking,  and you would get more traffic, more people buying from you.

That is how you grow your search engine traffic for you e-commerce product pages. I hope you learn something new today