Top 3 Most Influential Factors In Ranking Video On Google & YouTube

Ranking Video On Google & YouTube

We all know what it feels like to create a video, upload it, and then nobody is viewing it. In this article, I'm going to give you my top 3 most influential factors, that goes into ranking video to the top of google and youtube.

Over the years, a lot has really changed when it comes to ranking videos. But the basic of the video optimization and video SEO hasn't really changed that much.

Method 1. Use Keyword In Your Title

Using your keyword in your title as being around for a really long time. Everyone kind of know it, but it's something that's extremely important, you gonna have a very difficult time ranking videos if your keyword is not in the title.

Youtube actually tells us that they give more weight to all the page SEO to the title and what keywords are in the title.

For example, let say the title of your video is How To Rank Videos.

Video SEO is already in the title, you will definitely rank for that video.

Now, if you change that title to something else like How To Get More Views.

You would not rank for how to rank a video or video SEO.

Since you include them in your title, you're now positioning your video and giving it the opportunity to rank for those keywords.

For example, the video below has the keyword, Lav Mic, Wireless Mic, How to make, Diy, Lapel Mic

If you search any of those keywords in youtube, this video actually come to the top for while rang of a different keyword, because the video has all those keywords in the title.

When creating a video, figure out what keyword you want to go for, creating a video around that topic, include those keywords in your title.

Method 2. Build A Channel Of Authority

This's something I've been talking about for some months now, and I can not stress you enough, how important it's to have a channel of authority when you're trying to rank a video.

Let me give you an example, how this work with a website.

If Wikipedia creates an article about the new Electric Cars. And you start a website two days and you write an article about the exact same electric cars on your website.

Your website and your article are not going to rank.

But Wikipedia is probably going to rank to the top of Google. "Why"

Becuase google and youtube are Search Engines, and they want absolutely best content coming up to the top result. And they know a site like Wikipedia, CNN, and this big authority site, write really good content.

And they want your valuable content, going to the top of the search result.

You have to understand that Google wants the best videos and user experience on their website.

That's why they give a channel of authority higher rating and fast ranking because they know channels of authority typically product really good content.

How Do We Create A Channel Of Authority? Good Question.

The 3 main Factors of the Channel of Authority are the

> Amount Of Subscribers

> Age Of The Channel

> Channel Community. How you build a community around your channel and your video

Let Talk About

1. Amount Of Subscribers

It's basically just social proof when you have 20,000 or 100,000 subscribers on your channel, social proof that you have a pretty good channel.

But not only that, what happens is that when you upload a video, a lot of your subscriber or a decent amount of your subscribers gonna get a notice that your video is up. And that can get you

> Instant Views

> Instant Likes

> Instant Comments

Around your video which formulates a community around your video which youtube absolutely love.

Not only you have the social proof behind your channel, that your channel is popular. But you would also get activity on your video when you upload it. Which then move up to the search result.

2. Age Of Channel

It doesn't necessary means since your channel is 2 years old, you can outrank someone who as a channel that's 2 weeks old.

When you have age on your channel, it typically means that you gonna have some subscribers, you gonna be active on youtube, maybe you make comment on others people video.

All of that goes into the age of the channel.

You also have to understand that youtube is constantly fighting spam.

Nobody for sure knows what youtube algorithm is, they would put a little block or algorithm thing that makes it difficult for a brand new channel to really fast ranking.

3. Staying Active

This means uploading video consistently, building more subscriber, commenting on your video, commenting on others people videos.

You have to understand that youtube is a social platform and that is exactly what they want you to treat it as.

If you can build a community around your videos. You can start building up more channel authority.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to continue uploading content, add value, and then respond to comment on most videos.

Method 3. Create Videos Around Your Search Term

If you want your video to rank for years, just follow exactly this step.

Look at the term you want to rank for. And ask yourself why is somebody searching that term, and then create a video giving them exactly what they want.

For example.

I look at this term "How To Rank Video" and I ask my yourself why is someone searching that, and I thought, well,  because they want to learn how to rank a video!

So I write this article giving them the exact steps they need to rank videos in google and youtube.

I know this article was new, but what do you think about this article yourself. Do you think this article will rank in google or not?

When you use the right search term, and people searching for that term, and they land on your video, watching all the way through, clicking on your annotations, leaving you a comment, liking your video.

You are proving to google and youtube that, this's the best video for this search term.

If you can create and script your video around one topic, and give people exactly what they want. You would then begin to rank higher on google and youtube search result.

Not only your video will get to rank on youtube, but they will now appearing in the related videos feed of other videos and even competition video

You have to remember what I said in the beginning of this article, google need just the best on their search result. They want people to watch the best video on the certain topic.

Also, start to look out for more value and engaging factor of your video, 

> Look at how people finding your video

> What are they searching for

> How long are they watching this video

> Are they engaging

If you can do that, you can create a perfect video for the searches, and you would start to gain

> More subscribers

> More channel authority

> More view

> Higher Ranking

> Seeing in the Related Videos feeds

All comes down to creating the best videos for the topic that you want to talk about.

That's it folks, I just break down how you can rank your video really fast on google and youtube. Hopefully you learn something from it.