How To Grow Your Youtube Channel FAST! (3 Easy Step)


I'm going to show you exactly the 3 things you can do to grow your channel very fast. Whether you're looking to create a live video, screen capture video, or you wanted to be famous, or just to get a few people to get your message. This's for you. 

The easy step below will show you how to grow your channel, get more views, more subscribers, and become a mini-celebrity in your marketplace.

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1. Know Your Target: (Create similar Title & tag)

What it's your target? Who are you trying to reach? If you're trying to get a bunch of people to watch your funny cat video, then what you want to do is find where these people are hanging out, what video are they watching, what keyword are they typing in. 

Because if you know what they're watching, you can make similar title and tags. It's very important that when you make this title and tag, you want to focus on the non-competitive word.

Non-Competetive Word

If you go to youtube right now and put in something like how to make money online, you're going to notice that there is a lot of competition. There are millions of videos for make money online. And you're not going to get any traffic if you use the same keyword.

What you want to do is to find keyword and videos about the topic.

For example, keyword and video about how to make money online. So instead of making money online, you can go for making money on Adsense.

Instead of how to build a blog, you can go for how to start a blog. That is why so many people put a video out there and they don't get any views because they use the same keyword with their competitors.

Make sure your title and everything is similar to the video that's getting views in your market.

I would rather focus on a word that's getting like 200,000 views a year than to focus on something that's competitive, that's getting millions of views a year. Becuase you're going to get a lot, biggest junk of the marketplace.

2. Ask For Subscribe

Don't assume everyone knows how to subscribe. The best thing you can do is put a little picture on the video that shows them how to subscribe. Ask them to subscribe and tell them why.

Soo many people do this on their website like join my newsletter, but why, why would I give you my email? Why would I subscribe?

Tell them why. You're going to subscribe to this channel, because I'm going to teach you how to grow your youtube channel, and not only grow your youtube channel but make a lot of money with it.

3. Do 1 & 2 Consistently

Know what you're recording, why you're recording and who is for. That is why you need to focus on the keyword first, never make a video without a keyword in mind.

Bounce tips

Another bounce tips for growing your channel is going live. Going live will get you tons of view than just a regular video

That's my short article for growing your youtube channel, I'm very sure you grab something from it.