How To Generate Leads With Online Video

Generate Leads With Online Video

What I want to do today, is to show you exactly how to generate leads with your videos. You will learn how leads generation work, how to get people from your video over to your site, whether you're a re-state agency, online marketer, affiliate marketer, whatever you're trying to do. I'm going to show you exactly how to generate tons of quality leads.

Leads are the key to making money if can get a bunch of people in a database and email them whenever you want. You can easily pump money on demand. 

Let Get Started

1. Know Your Target Audience

When you're trying to get a lead from online video, is to know where and who are you talking to. If you have a video on how to generate more lead for re-state, or whatever the video may be

You need to know your target audience. Once you know your target audience. then

2. Create Helpful Content

Whatever your video is about, you need to show them how to do that thing. for example, If you are making a video how to sell a house, make a video about pricing, if you're showing them how to make more video on youtube, make a video how to create a youtube video. That's a helpful content.

You want to give them a little bit of teaser content that gives them value. You want to provide value to the market in your video, this could a form of 1-minute video or a 30 seconds video.

3. Lead Them To Offer, Based On Content

When you're doing this on youtube or any other video platform. What you want to do is that you want to get them away from youtube and get them to your site.

The best way to do this is with something they can't receive on youtube.

At the end of your video, offer a free PDF download or something they would want after watching your video.

When you use the word download, is a magic word that triggers something in peoples brain. If you're doing a house thing, you say, thanks for watching my video on how to price your house. Go to my site to download the PDF checklist so you can fill in, to figure out the price of your house.

When they got to your site, you can put an email box on the sidebar for them to fill in their name and email, and now they're your subscriber, and you can email them anytime.

That's my short article on how to get leads from online video in a really simple way. Don't just say subscribe, or opt-in to my newsletter without giving the person a reason to do so.

You have to give them a reason to opt-in, then when they opt-in, give them top killer content and sell a lot of stuff.

It doesn't matter what niches you're in, just focus on 

  • Who They Are, What They Want
  • Create Helpful Content
  • Lead Them To Offer, Based On Content

That's it, is a very simple strategy, hopefully, you learn something from this.