Facebook Marketing For Business - Tutorial

Facebook Marketing For Business

Are you looking for a way to grow your business with Facebook? Well, I think this tutorial would be very helpful to you. Becuase I will show you the overviews of facebook, pretty much everything you need to know about how the platform is breaking down.

I will share some stuff that I think you will be interested in, probably some information that you never heard before.

Facebook is basically broking down the following way

An Overview of the Platform for Marketing








Let me break it down

Pages: When you're looking at Facebook from a business perspective, you're generally looking at pages as the most important thing, 

Now, pages are breaking down by

  • Local Business
  • Company or Organisation
  • Brand or Product
  • Entertainment
  • Curse or Community
Those are the different segment of pages. With pages, you really don't get a ton of exposure unless you have a big community. 

You have to do advertising with an individual user, in order to get your information in front of them. 

Groups: When it comes to group, there is a couple different type of group.

  • Public Group - Anybody can join
  • Close Group - Anybody can see, but not anybody can join unless they are invited them.
  • Secret Group - You can't find it, unless if somebody sends you an invitation
  • Buy and Sell group - Not a lot people know about this group, is a group where you can buy and sell with others people for money.
What nice about groups and the reason a lot of people choose them is because if you're in a group, then you would get a notification from the owner of that group if they do an update. Unless if you turn off a notification.

For group, you automatically get those updates in front of them 


  • Developer
  • Create Custom
People use an application to run contest, they use it to build an interactive game that people who enjoy.

Fundraisers - If you want to get money

Events - If you're a Local Business

Payments - Just to track the payment that you made on facebook

Moments - It's just an app that Facebook created that allows you to share photos with your friends and family, not really important for businesses

1. Facebook Ads

One thing that you really need to know is that, if you have a brand that people want to follow, you probably need to do advertising.

I highly recommend that anybody that has an advertising program should have one for building the size of their community, and then another one for Macro and Micro

What I mean by Macro is that, If you're individual business and you're looking to drive revenue to your website, then you should have an ads strategy that does that through Facebook ads.

You should also have a Micro goal. When I say micro, I mean something that capturing somebody email address or getting somebody to the website, just so you can do remarketing later on.

Facebook is awesome for capturing email address, and you can use email for so many different things, you can use email to remarketing to people, to target people through Gmail, for Google Adwords, content remarketing, you email this person your latest blog post over and over again, so they can see you as a top leader in the space.

When you're running Facebook ads, you're going to do that through the following

Business Manager

  • Ads for pages
  • Ads for App
  • Ads for individual Post
  • Power Editor - If you get really advance with ads, you're going to be using the power editor. The power editor is one of the main ways that people manage Facebook ads, unless if they are using third-party tools.
When we are getting into ads, Facebook has done a really great job of breaking this down into bucket

2. Awareness

  • Boots Posts
  • Promote your Page
  • Reach people near your Business
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Increase Reach
What Facebook, as done, is that they lay it out in this way so that when you're choosing ads, you actually get to pick the intent that you're looking for from the awareness perspective.


  • Send people off of Facebook - when you are driving somebody to your website, or to a landing page to accomplish a goal
  • Get App Install
  • Rase Event Attendance
  • Get Video Views
  • Collect Leads


  • Increase Website Conversion
  • Increase App Engagement
  • Get People to Claim Offer
  • Promote Product
  • Get People to Visite a Website Store
The most important thing is that anybody can go on and set up ads on Facebook, and anybody can lose a lot of money doing that, you have to know your target, and that would be the next step.

What you would be doing in the next step

Picking Your Audience


Budget and Schedule


Media or Text

For example, if you're doing a Facebook ads, you might want to launch a video that tells how amazing your product is, and that pushes you to a landing page that capture email address.

You need to be thinking about what your goals are, and then make sure you pick the right ad type and the right audience, also you really need to have a good ad format, otherwise, you won't get good engagement.

That is it for Facebook ads.

I will like to talk about the facebook search box

People use Facebook search box and that's becoming a bigger thing, and you actually can't run search engine ads inside of Facebook, but they got result for










Those are the type of content that you can create.

When you're reviewing a facebook page, what you want to look at is the type of content that's being created for that page and then the overall page community.

If you're reviewing a page, you want to look at

  • Source of Traffic - Through facebook insight - Facebook insight actually tell you where you got your traffic from.
  • Tag Analysis
  • Demographic of people coming to your page
  • Action on the Page ( By Demographic)
  • When fans are Online
  • Best Post that you have -  If your post gets more click and engagement, you're going to rank higher on facebook, and you will have to pay less for Facebook ads.
  • Overall demographic
  • Tags and Hashtags - so that you can have a higher edge rank

What is Edge Rank?

Is the algorithm that Facebook has, in order to show your post to your community. 

If you are just looking to get started these are my top 5 step for you

  • 1. Pick the right platform -  I mean Pages and Group, once you did that 
  • 2. Build a Community 
  • 3. Analysis Your Data - Know the people who are seeing your stuff
  • 4. Create an Ad and Content Strategy - Macro and Micro conversion
  • 5. Tie everything into website goals

That is an introduction to Facebook marketing, I hope this's interesting to you, I would cover more stuff future tutorial.