11 Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners & Marketers

Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business

I have put together a list of practical, easy to apply twitter tips for small business owners, that are new to twitter and looking for a simple way to improve their Twitter strategy.

Tip 1. Optimize Your profile

Whether you are new to Twitter or you have a previous existing handle. it's important to optimize your profile.

Your profile should include this 5 certain key component below

  • Logo - Your user photo should be a brand logo or related image. Not a personal photo
  • Your Brand Name - your user handle and username should be the name of your small business. Not a persona name or anything else
  • Include Your Company Location - Make sure to include your company located in the bio box
  • A Link To Your Website - You always want your social media to refer to your website, and make sure it's easy for social media user to find it.
  • Keyword - You want to include your keyword for your company in your profile description. Not just a personal information.

Tip 2. Be Consistent

Your Twitter activity should be plan consistent schedule. Whether you decide to send out 5 tweets a day or 20 tweets a day, you need to set-up a daily goal and try to stick with it.

A great twitter tool that would help you achieve this is buffer

Buffer tells you when your most user are active and schedule your tweet for the most active hour. It's a great way to optimize the best time for your follower, and it helps you to be consistent with your schedule.

Tip 3. Interact

A study shows that Customer who engages with companies via social media spend 20-40% more money with those businesses than other businesses.

Obviously, you want customers to engage with your brand and spend their money on your small businesses, not your competition.

Make your point to interact with twitter follower daily by following them, replying them, retweeting them, and favorite their tweet

Tip 4. Use Keyword Hashtags

It's simply a word or phrase with a number or symbol in front of it. This symbol translates a word into a hashtag which than become a searchable link.

Tweets that include 1-2 hashtags receive 2X more engagement than those without. Try hashtagging keyword in your next tweet.

If you are not sure what keyword hashtag to include, I recommend you to check out hashtag.org, they have a great list of a popular hashtag, go ahead to see if you can integrate any of them within your next tweet.

Tip 5. Include Website Link In Your Tweets

A study shows that tweets with links receive 86% higher retweet rates than tweets without links, and 92% of users engagement with a brand's tweet are link clicks.

Whether it's a product, blog entry or general anointment, make sure to include a link on that page for higher engagement.

Tip 6. Beware of Auto Direct Message

There are numerous tools out there where you can setup auto messages to your twitter follower. You may think this is a great idea, but it actually comes up as spamming and impersonal

A study suggests AutoDM use led to a 245% increase in unfollow rate. Which is obviously terrible and you do not want that for your brand

If you really want to direct message to a user, take the time and do it yourself.

Tip 7. Ask For A Retweet

Sometime you simply as to ask a user to engage with your brand online and they would do it. So by asking them to retweet, you will actually get a 51% retweet rate.

If you are looking for a great way to increase your retweet, simply ask for it.

Tip 8. Don't "Tweet Longer"

Some certain tools actually allow you to tweet more than 140 characters. But the follower as to click on the link to keep reading the update

As you can see, someone is trying it out, and if you want to read the rest of it, you have to click on the link below.

As for me, I recommend you to actually tweet shorter.

Tweets with less than 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate, so short content obviously perform better on twitter

Tip 9. Photo Tweets

A recent update from Twitter, allow a photo to show directly on user timeline.

A study said, tweets using pic.twitter.com are 94% more likely to be retweeted.

Tip 10. Schedule Tweets

Many business owners simply don't have the time to update their twitter or their social media account. That is why you should invest in social media schedule tools like HootSuite, sproutsocial, and buffer.

Tip 11. Monitor Your Brand Mentions

If an existing or potential customer is talking about your brand on Twitter, maybe they want to know more about it. 

That's why I recommend monitoring your brand mention so you can engage brand relevant conversation to react quickly and efficiently

Those are my 11 twitter marketing tips, hopefully you learn something from it.