How To Improve Your Website's Bounce Rate- The Best Strategy

Today am going share with you some strategy you can use in your business to improve your bounce rate of your website. First, what is bounce rate? The bounce rate of your website is the rate or the percentage of people that land on your website and do not click another link on your website. Another word, someone land on your home page and either clicks the back button to leave your site to go back to google search engine result pages or they enter another URL into the search bar and leave your site without clicking on another page.

Improve Your Website's Bounce Rate

The high the percentage of people that do that, the high your bounce rate will be. So before I get into this strategy, it's important that you have a base line establish for your bounce rate so that you can measure how this strategy will bring down your bounce rate. And in other to do that you need some website analysis install on your site, I recommend Google analysis which is a free tool.

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Noce, you know what the bounce rate is, now you can start implementing some of this strategy am going share with you. If you check your Google analysis bounce rate section, it's important to understand all the bounce rate number you see is for all your pages not just your home page.

In the bounce rate section of google analytics, you will see that you have your home page and some internal pages with bounce rate, so you need to look at each individual page and identify those pages with high bounce rate and then apply this strategy to those web pages in other to improve your bounce rate.

Again, the high the bounce rate, the worst that would be for your website, and with all the changes that has been made to Google Algorithm, specifically the google panda update that rolls out every 4 to 7 month and look for low quality website, one of the biggest factors that Google is looking out now are user statistics, how are your visitor interacting with your website, how long are they staying on your website, are they clicking another pages, do you have a high bounce rate.

Which means if you have a high bounce rate basically that is telling google that, people are coming to your site but they are not finding what they are looking for on your site. So they gonna start lowering your site down. It really important to get your hand around this problem and start working on it.

Let talk about your Home Page, 

your home page is the most powerful web page on your site, you would get more visitor to your home page typically than any other page on your website, so let start with your home page.

Optimize Thought Sequences

The first thing you want to remember when working on getting that bounce rate down on your home pages, you need to optimize that page for your visitor thought sequences, not necessarily optimizing the individual page. 

Here is what I mean by optimizing thought sequences

When people land on your website, there are four question your home page must answer right way. And they are

*  Where Am I?

*  What Can I Do Here?

*  How Do I Get Started?

* Why Should I Do It Here Rather Than Any Other Website On The Intertent?

Let talk about how you can start answering those top sequences so you can start optimizing your site immediately.

1. Use a Tag Line

You can use a tag line on the header of your website. A tag line is a very short phrase that describes what your business does, for example, on my blog my tag line is Search Engine Optimization - learn How To Build Your Website Traffic From Zero To 5,000 Daily Readers. That gave you a good idea what this website is all about.

Understand that when people land on your home page or page of your website, they are most likely coming from the search engine result pages, they type in something into google and now they found your link on the search engine result page and they decided to click it. So when land on your page they never been there before, they need to figure what is going on like

*  Where Am I?
*  What Can I Do Here?
*  How Do I Get Started?
* Why Should I Do It Here Rather Than Any Other Website On The Intertent?

those are the thought sequences you want to optimize for, and using a tag line is a great way to do that.

2. Use a Benefit Rich Headline With Curiosity

Make sure that your headline is noticeable, I don't recommend making it a huge font side but make it a little bit bigger than the rest of your font side and help it stand out. Whatever your business is, have that benefit in your headline, use some curiosity because that is gonna get people down into the copy of your site.

Using a tag line in your headline you are answering the question Where Am I and What Can I Do Here?

3. Start With an Interesting Intro Paragraph

the next thing you want to keep in mind is to start your headline with short interesting intro paragraph. 

This paragraph should be no more than

* 2 to 3 Line max

* Who are you?

* What you do?

* How you can help?

* How to get started in your website

A great intro paragraph might be, SEOQUICK is the number one source for online marketing advice for offline businesses, will have been in business for many years and will have optimize over 100 hundred web sites successfully. The best way to use this website.

Then you can add a link to other pages on your website to get people to click on those link to get into those other pages on your website which would help bring down your bounce rate.


* Who are you:  We are the top online marketing strategy company for offline businesses. 

* What you do: We help optimize a site and help conversion.

* How you can help them: We can help by improving your website and your conversion on your website.

* How they can get started on your website:  Now you have your link, you can say the three way you can use this website are self-learning, we have an excellent blog full of article about online marketing advice click the button link to visit our blog, or buy our product, here is the product.  

What you really what to do in this intro paragraph is to get people optimize that thought sequences, tell them what you want them to do, take them by the hand and walk them through your site and move them to the page where you want them.

That is a way to improve your bounce rate of your website and am very sure you would find this information helpful. Make sure to go through the article over again if you miss out anything.