Top 9 Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog

I want to talk about something that a lot of bloggers are concerned about and that is getting more traffic. in the article I will be showing you the most effective ways to promote your blog, something that we all have interest doing, One thing I definitely want to make clear is that am not going to tell you what most bloggers end up doing to build their traffic and that is, to post to your blog often or every day, then go to social media and post it. believe me, that is not the best way to grow your blog, is a really old school way of thinking.

Promote Your Blog

So what you are going to find in this article involve getting out of your blog and doing things that most bloggers don't do, that is why they work.

1. The Red Word Strategy

The red word strategy is where you write a really killer resource post, a killer ultimate guide for your blog, instead of just publish that post to social media and then forget about it, you need to treat that post by coming back and update that post on a regular basis, every few month you go back and freshening up that post, you add some more to it, and over time that post is gonna become a major pillar post of your blog.

2. Paid Advertising

pay advertising is a very effective way to promote your blog and one thing about pay advertising is that in other to use it you need to have a great plan for it, otherwise you just gonna be throwing money at your blog and is going to be a waste of time and your money. in other to utilize pay advertising and not go broke doing it, you need to have some way of making back the money.

I recently published an article from my other blog How To Make $150k Per Month From A Blog you can read that.

you can create an offer, sell services, affiliate offers, there are multiple ways to structure a funnel that who allow you get return investment, and then when you have that capacity around your blog, you go to Facebook or Google AdWords where you can actually invest money and drive traffic to blog. Pay advertising is a great strategy because it allows you to take control over your traffic rather than waiting for lady's lock to be on your site.

 3. Guest Posting

there is nothing new in guest post and am not gonna probably tell you anything new here that you haven't heard before, except I just want you to be strategies about how you do guest posting. I have received a lot of stupid request for a guest post, my email is full of guest posting request, But I don't do guest posting on this blog and my other blog, I don't allow people to post on this blog. 

Becuase most of them are sucks, that is the thing if you want to go out there and do guest posting you need to make sure your post is your best stuff, don't hold back and say I wanna keep my best stuff for my own site. NO, put it on somebody else site.

Another thing is, you really need to pay very special attention to who the audience of that site is to make sure those are the people that you actually want around yours. 

Pay Special Attention to your Call To Action, Do not send a backlink to your blog home page, don't worry about link juice all that is an old-school stuff. Instead, send them to a custom landing page that is related to the blog post they just read and then get them on your email list. That is how you will get a lot from your time spent for guest posting.

4. Guest PodCast Interview

You are not the one doing the podcast, am not telling you to go start your own podcast right now, But instead, you can go out and picture yourself as an interview guest for a podcast for somebody else doing it. many interview podcast out there is always looking for guest and is not like you gonna be some big wage to be accepted on this podcast.

If you can just say this's what you gonna be able to provide that is valuable to their audience, the hosts of that podcast will love to have you. guest podcasting will really get people to know you in a way that might not be able to be done via a writing guest post. In a lot of time, you gonna find out that is very easy to do, it doesn't take much to get yourself listed as a guest on somebody else podcast because those people are always looking for interviewers.

So go out and find some podcast in your niche and then present yourself as a potential guest, let them know what kind of value you can bring to their audience.

5. FaceBook Live

facebook live is not something I persona done but is on my list here to be doing, Facebook live is a live streaming video, they will do all the work for you and your option of getting a notice when you go live on a Facebook live video are very high. Becuase facebook will notify everybody that you are live.

I was on my phone last week and I actually see one of my facebook friends go live and it came in like a little picture on the bottom of my app, I couldn't even make it go away, it just went away on its own after 15 seconds and I was like you gad to be kidding me. that is something I need to look into personally.

You just couldn't miss it, Facebook live especial if you have a following is a really great way to get to your audience, then, of course, you can put Call To Action in that Facebook live and direct them over to a page where they can get into your email list or visit your blog.

When you publish a new blog post to your site you can schedule a facebook live video for a day later and you basically just tell everybody hey am gonna do a live video come check it out at this particular time. And then when people show up, you then do a live presentation on an exact same material that you just wrote in a blog post.

6. Building Your List

When you are building your list what you are really building is your leverage, it all about that leverage, you are building to command attention whenever you want it. So the more effort you put in to building that list is definitely going to be a traffic boost for you. Building your list allows you to fill any viral promotion that you might be wanted to do because to you can seal it with your own community from your list.

If you are going to do a Facebook live we just talk about, you can email your list, let them know you gonna do a facebook live at a particular time and give them the link. I know you heard about list building before and the importance of building a list, but I just want to talk about it because is highly important to build leverage and promote your blog.

7. Link Building

I know it really funny that what the hell link building doing on my list, well, Am not talking about the way some people do it like hey can you put my link on your site and i will link to you back, don't do that crap, don't do link exchanging, You need to be strategies just like guest posting, guest posting work only if you treated it in a prospective strategies, if you are just flooding the internet with guest post opportunity is not gonna work and the same thing happen with link building.

If you do it the old school way you will probably end up undoing it later because google will found out later and I hope you know what happens next then.

Link building in a strategies way is where you actually go out and find places to get your post listed. for example of that can be other people who are posting resource post, maybe they link out 100 resources to help you boost your website traffic.

And If your post fit for that, email the author of that blog post and say hey i just saw your blog post is awesome I want to share it out to my community as well,  but I just want to let you know that I have this blog post here if you think is a good fit maybe you might want to include it on your resources post.

You might ever hear from them or maybe you will. 

8. Create Content Worth Sharing

I have seen many of my post been sharing around the web and that is because I always try to make my post different from others, you can use this article you are reading right now as an example. if you copy any of my content and paste it into google, you will see other people blog using that article because my post explains everything in details, not just a 500 words or 1000 words and then the conclusion, no way for that here and that is the reason why I don't accept guest posting.

You are free to use my content but make sure you link back to the original post. 

You need to focus on producing quality content because a lot of bloggers when they are trying to build their traffic they tend to concentrate more on quantity than quality. Is much better to slow down and not posting to your blog so often but make the stuff you do create really matter. 

if you combine this with the first strategy that I told and that is the red word strategy, it can be really effective, what that means is that you are not actually creating a ton of new blog post, but the ones that you create will be much more valuable. not only that, instead of creating a brand new blog post from scratch, you might simply go back and update the one that you already made.

And then you treat that update like a brand new post, you share it on social media, your email at your list, all the stuff that you will normally do.

9. Webinars

Is Not a New topic But is something that many people don't do that much, you don't have to have a product for sales, just use webinar in a way to help some people and build up your brand. you can record your webinar and turn it into future content if you want, start doing webinar is a great way to connect with people, if worry that is not beautiful like some other people who have been doing it for years, just don't worry about them and start doing it. 

But don't sell anything in the beginning because that will be a road block to you, just answer a question that will be helpful and in the end, you can just point them to an opt-in if you want, you don't have to sell anything.


those are the most effective ways to promote your blog than just simply throwing out more blog content and sharing them on twitter and then do it again and again. that is not gonna be a great way to promote your blog and you gonna find out that is very annoying, So those ways that I show you is the definitely the direction you should be going.