SEO for Beginners! Solutions You Can Try Today

Over the last 2 years I have done a lot of SEO and over this two years I discover that there is one thing and if you get this number one static correctly you stand a very good chance ranking for whatever keyword you are trying to rank for. so if you a beginner or newbie, this's the one thing you need to know to get those keyword ranking that you probably looking for today.

SEO for Beginners! Solutions

Here is the number one thing you have to get right with external SEO

as a beginner or newbie in SEO your tendency is to try to go after the big keyword, as a beginner I have done this before, I wanted to go for web host I thought it will be cool to go for web hosting but the problem is that about 10 million people are trying to rank for the word web hosting. so I change my mind to go for something else and that is affiliate marketing,

it's better to go for longtail keyword. you don't know what longtail keyword is. well, basically in my perspective Longtail word is something like 4 or 5 words that are less common to rank for, lower competition in other words. this's not what this tips about, I just want to make sure you know about it, so let move on.

instead, to rank for affiliate marketing, it will be better to rank for affiliate marketing for beginners, so to rank this affiliate marketing for beginners, I will use the method I called the Magic Three. and using this property the right way, you can sky rocking your SEO result and get traffic from them and also boost significantly of your blog.

this property are Tumblr, Weebly, and

SEO for Beginners! Solutions! You Can Try Today

this's similar to the private blog network, so we gonna be creating three mini blogs in one of each property and leveraging the social ranking power of all three of these to boost the ranking of our individual website

if I was trying to rank for the term affiliate marketing for beginners, what I will do is to head over to Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress and register my domain something like after registering the URL with the specific keyword you are trying to rank for, then write a post about 300 to 400 words on each of this property related to actual blog post you are trying to rank for and in that article link back to your main site with that keyword.

even if you have many keywords on your website, I know some people have a lot of category on the website, you can do this with any keyword on your site, just create a blog post and link back to your main website in that post using that specific keyword.

this three property for whatever reason have the magic power on google, google just love those site. not only you will get rank quicker but the actual link juice or linking power that you get to whatever you link too. is gonna be a significantly in hand. so focus on this three property.

you can build a better blog on each one of those sites that fill with good content, and it works a lot for getting external traffic. so quantity vs quality this days that is how you gonna get the best result.

alright, that is it for today folks, I hope you learn new tricks about ranking your web page in Google. feel free to drop your comment.