SEO Content Tutorial - How To Create And Optimize Content For SEO (part 2)

This tutorial is about creating a new page for a specific keyword on your existing website and then rank for it or creating a new website for that specific keyword. going to talk about How to choose what to you should create and where to publish it, and optimize it for your target phrase. if you have done the keyword research, you got a target phrase and you need to make a page that is highly optimized around that targeted phrase. you need that page to rank as high as possible. 

SEO Content Tutorial

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Third-Part Site Ideas

* Youtube: publish on youtube can be a great way to get traffic to your web page and can also help you to rank better in the search engine. just make sure to use the title of your videos as the keyword you are targeting, and at the end of the video tell people to go to your site in the description to get the next information they needed. 

* Guest Blogging: don't underestimate the power of writing a blog post on somebody else site, because blog site are very often looking for fresh content, and it can be so much effective to write a really good blog post and publish it to a site that is already seen by thousand of people than to publish it on your own site that is not gonna be seeing by anybody yet.

if you are trying to build up your own site, you should be adding good content to it, but in other to get many people coming to you, then do consider posting content on other people site/blog and make sure there is a link pointing back to your site.

* Press Releases: if you write a good press release and that press releases contain links then that content can get pick up by multiple outlets and it can get published in dozens of places

Link On Rule

Am not talking about link building here, what I want to talk about is traffic. the most vital things are, whatever content your are creating, try to include a link to your next-step content. if you are creating a step one page then at the end of the article you need to add some useful next links you recommend to your readers. when people come to step one content then link them to step two content

Idea For Content

You don't have to be a creator, all you have to do is add value, you don't have to know everything in particular or be an expert on day one. just find a different way to add value, think of yourself as an editor/Journalist/host/curator. you can collect information from other places and arrange it to be more useful.

think about the top10 list, think about the 5 most influence people, you could do interviews, why not approach people, ask them their success and their failure, get them to talk about themselves, everyone like to talk about themselves and then you can write that up as an interview and if you got a famous name on it that people are searching for, then you just have a great content on your hand.

you can also invite Guest post, this may not be so easy if you are starting afresh. just keep this in mind, the more value you give, the more people will value you and the more value you will seem to have.

that is my SEO Content Tutorial folks, hopefully, you learn something new from this