SEO Content Tutorial - How To Create And Optimize Content For SEO

This tutorial is about creating a new page for a specific keyword on your existing website and then rank for it or creating a new website for that specific keyword. going to talk about How to choose what to you should create and where to publish it, and optimize it for your target phrase. if you have done the keyword research, you got a target phrase and you need to make a page that is highly optimized around that targeted phrase. you need that page to rank as high as possible. 

SEO Content Tutorial

What To Publish

* the answer to that is very Easy, Publish Great Content!

Here is some word for inspiration

* Great Content Should be Useful

* It Should Be Generous

* It Should Be Really Helpful

* Newsworthy: think what would make people want to talk about this.

* Shareworthy: What kind of content would people want to share.

* Unique: What gave you a lot of value in a little amount of time

* Complete: make Content that comprehensive, that seem to get people everything they need to know in other to do something, in other to make a decision.

* Entertaining: A lot of the content that goes viral is just funny or fun

Now, Let Look At Where To Publish: and We have Four choices in this.

* Optimise Existing Content, if you already got a page with good content then you could change that content to make it target that key phrase.

* Create New Page On Your Existing Website

* Post On 3rd-party website.

* New Domain, you can even take the option to create a new domain.

Let me give you more details to this.

1. Optimize Existing Content

* Optimising Existing is very easy: The page may already have Existing authority, it may already have links pointing to it from other websites.

* However, If the domain authority is low, that may not be so helpful, domains that already have a lot of links are well respected and actually it can really give new pages a boost that can help it to rank more easily. but if your domain authority is low that effect will not be so pronounced.

* Is the domain name contain the keyword you wanted to target, if the domain doesn't contain the keyword you are targeting then you may find that is easy to rank under a defferent domain.

2. Create New Page On Your Existing Website

What about creating a new page on your Existing site this will be common static you could use, obviously you have to create brand new content, is not easy to optimize existing content.

* Domain has authority, the domain would already have authority, however, the page would be going from the fresh start. so the page itself would probably need some link pointing to it in other to get it to rank.

* Low domain authority, if the domain has low domain authority it may not be so much help.

3. Post On 3rd-Party Website:

You can post on some high authority site, sites like facebook, youtube, Pinterest, twitter. Another potential benefit is that, If your Content is likely to get seen by few people it could also get copy to other people site. that means any links you got within your content will also be copied across

Creating content on other people website doesn't directly contribute to your domain authority, if you have links within that content that link back to your main website then they would pass links juice.

if you can post an article on somebody else site that has one link on it, and that link point back to your main website then all of the potential link juice will be pass through from other pages back to your site.

4 New Domain

* You can look for an exact-match domain name, if you are going for the specific phrase it may be worth checking if your exact phrase has .com or some other top level domain available, if it is, then does exact-match domain can really boost your ranking in the search engine.

How Do You Decide Where To Publish:

* Generally, I will say the idea is to publish on your own site because that can build your domain authority, I have seen a lot of low authority site that has a perfect match of the search phrase in the domain name ranking in the top 10 when they really have no right to be there.

Now, I can't say how long that is gonna be but right now is certainly working and is been working for a long time, but you have to do a lot of more work to promote that content to get people to link to it, because that is gonna be the only way to start ranking high, you have to take all the ranking factors into account.

if those website ranking in the top10 as no exact or phrase match domain and they are only there because they have the phrase in their title tag or in the part name of the page. then you can top that list by just creating a new page, setting a title tag, setting the page name correctly, including the phrase a few time on the page, and then get a few links to it.

* You may also want to Consider 3rd-Party site for a quick start if you are starting from fresh, if you know some website already, then publish on other people site can be a really good way to start getting traffic

Third-Part Site Ideas

* "Answers" Site

* Yahoo Answers





the answers site is not for publishing article, but you could find people who are asking specific questions, and if this pages already ranking quite high on the search engine then why not consider going and posting your own answer to those. you could even stinky by posting your own question and answering it yourself using a different account.

some of this site will let you put links and then links back to your next step content. 

*, if the search phrase you want to target appropriate and you want to put some effort into this, it make be worth looking to see whether there is a twitter ID that matches that search phrase, if so, you can register that ID and as long as you are active you can follow some people, they would also follow you back, wait for your account to grow with thousand of follower then you can start to publish related content to your twitter page and the account would start to get some activity/

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