How To Rank For ANY Keyword In Google

Today I'll give you my answer to the big question how to rank number one in Google for any keyword. to rank for any keyword in Google is not that simple because you have to outrank your competitor, and to do this, you need to create a good content that will get your visitor attention when they visit your site through the search engine.

How To Rank For ANY Keyword Google

if your content is not good enough but you still manage to rank number one in Google with this tricks that am about to show, Google will move you to the next page because the searchers do not like your content. 

Here is the reason

if you rank number one in google, google will focus on you to know if the searchers are happy with your content. if the searchers visit your site through Google, you need to make sure your content grab their attention because if they bounce back to check out other results, then Google will notice this and they will bring you down to number 3, that means your content is not relevant. 

they will keep doing this until you move to the next page. so before you follow my tricks to rank for any keyword in Google, do some research to develop a good content, you don't want to waste your effort by trying to rank in google but still not getting any result.

Let Get Started

How to Rank number one in Google

I wanted to target the Skyscraper Technique keyword and see how well I can rank for it. so I go to google to see if I could rank for this keyword.

as you can see the first two position are taking by Brian Dean from and the third position is, while the fourth position taking by coshedule blog, what I want to do now is understanding. 

Why the post by Brian Dean is rank number one and why the post by blog.ahrefs and rank number three and four.

so am going to use the tools call Site Explore by to get some take way about why this post rank well in Google. 

I put all three article URL to site Site Explorer to compare the data behind them. here is the data of all three post

the first one is Skyscraper Technique by backlinkco, that article has 936 backlinks, that is a ton of backlink guys special for only one article. blog.ahrefs article that rank number three has only 139 backlinks, and the article on coshedule blog only has 61 backlinks

you can see the reason why backlinkco article is ranking number one in Google because they have 936 backlink point to the article, 

To say the fact, that is a lot of backlink for a single article guys. if you also take a look the referring domain, because is also has a huge impact on how while you rank.

backlinkco has 406 referring domain, while blog.ahrefs has only 30 referring domain and coshedule blog only has 18 referring domain. you can actually see the difference and the reason why Brian Dean article is rank very well in Google.

one more thing that you might want to compare is how all these people link to you, I mean which Anchors text they use while linking to your page. 

If you scroll down on the report called Anchors Cloud, you can see that for Brian Dean from backlinco the Skyscraper Technique keyword count for 34% of all backlinks. and backlink coming to the page is iLLustarte key points which is totally in relevant to Skyscraper Technique.

the last one is called coshedule blog, their anchor cloud is also Skyscraper Technique in 22% of all backlinks.

Now, the question is, how do I rank number one in Google

well, I don't think is possible to outrank backlinkco with that 936 backlinks with 406 referring domain, but if it was life and death for me to outrank Brian for Skyscraper Technique keyword, here is what I will probably do.

I will open the link report of ahrefs Site Explorer and try to get a link from every single domain where Brian has all link from so that the number of backlinks and referring domain of my article would a lot bigger that Brian has. that would definitely help me to outrank him.


that is how you rank number one practically for any keyword, you need to check who is ranking at the first spot, replicate all is link and then go get even some more. am not saying this's something easy to do but this's what will get you the ranking you need. I hope you like this article, feel free to drop your comment if you have any to say............Good Luck