6 Proven Remedies for Driving Traffic To Your Content

Let assume that you have done some keyword research and you have created a great content, it's time to gets many people as possible to see your content with minimum effort. A great content can generate links, like inbound link, direct visit, bookmarks, social shares. and all of that can help your ranking and also help you get more traffic, and when that traffic sees your great content it would generate more links and more links will generate more traffic. that is how it works. So, in this article, I will talk about some step to drive traffic to your content.

Driving Traffic To Your Content

Social Promotion #1

Am a big fan of passive social promotion, because you are not necessarily the one out there pushing for attention, the idea of social promotion is when people choose to share your great content on twitter, facebook, google plus etc, that would create a really nice organic natural looking profile, and the search engine is looking more for this natural looking profile.

make it easy for other people to your share content, a lot of websites will have this "visit/follow us on facebook/twitter" but I think there is more value if you have "tweet / like / share / +1" at the bottom of your content or at the top before the content, you might take a look my social share on this blog.

there is a lot of different ways to add this bottom to your page, you can use the tool called addthis.com, they give you several options for different type of social share bottom you can choose.

Social Promotion #2 (Quality Vs Qantity)

The key to social media is influence, Is possible to do a search on twitter for anybody who is typing in one of your particular keywords and then follow anybody who mentions your keyword. and many of this people would follow you back, maybe you can add 20 or 40 followers in an hour using that method if you do that every day, you may be able to build up thousand of people following you.

But what is the quality of that following? How interested are those people in your business?

My tips is to concentrate and develop a relationship and friendship with key people, try and build a relationship with people who are influenced. if you can get followed by people who have liked with a lot of other real people following them, then your message will spread further,

So, instead of working really hard trying to follow hundred of people per day, just concentrate on the relationship.

Social Promotion #3  Set out to Build Relationship and Reputation. 

Your social media campaign should start with choosing your identity, choosing who you are going to be to the word, and integrity is about maintaining that brand, be that identity in everything you do. all the tweet you make or the things that you choose to share on social media, all the content that you write should focus with the same value and the same purpose 

Is ok to have twitter id or facebook page personally where you chat with your family and friends and you share a picture of your dog, there is nothing wrong with that. 

But if you want to use social media in a professional way, I will definitely recommend that you have a separate Facebook page or a separate twitter ID.

Link Building Tips

Don't be in the business creating link one by one yourself, particularly the crapy links. So what kind of links to get?

The best advice I can give you is to go for links that will actually bring VISITORS.  you want links that actually gonna bring people.

Don't go for links just for the purposes of trying to get up in the search engine rankings, when you go for links that will be seen and followed by people that bring them to your content, then your traffic and ranking would grow.

Copying Your Competition

there are several ways to find out would is linking to your competitor, the tools you can use is OpensiteExplorer and SEO Spyglass, another option is to type link:competitionsdomain.com in Google. but the risk is if your competitor is using the wrong statics if they are getting links from the wrong places and if those links are unhelpful or potentially even damaging to their ranking, don't copy it.  

Use this method for inspiration but don't make it the only method that you will use. also, don't forget to copy yourself.

if you type link:yourownwebsite.com into google or you use OpensiteExplorer and SEO Spyglass, look at for site that links to you and tries to get another link from that same website.

Email List

An email list is an incredibly powerful medium, when you create a great content the first step is to get people to see it and email list can give you that kind of acceleration. Let me give you a method.

If you create an offer that requires an opt-in, let say people have to put in their name and email address in other to get a free ebook, free report, free video, whatever is it, 

you can approach somebody who is well known, well connected, who got a busy website, who already got a good email list. you can approach them with an affiliate deal.

You say to them, hey, if you send this promotion to everyone on your email list and they come through, I will Split the revenue 50:50 with you. or I will give you everything on this. 

But when those people from that email list come along, they need to join your email list in other to take advantage of the promotion, and you are then building your own email list. 

I will say email list should be your number one asset if you have, and you haven't, you need to start one because is really valuable.


So to end this, let me give you some summary.

Even the best content in the world will do you no good at all unless you get people to see it. 

* Create Great Content

* Give It a Push

* Share, Give, Make Friend

* Don't Stop Until you get there.

hopefully, you learn some from this article, keep this mind, don't ever stop until you get there....