How To Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook! Easy & Fast

If you being networking on Facebook for a long time you will probably running into the issue where you add people with fake profile that are trying to send friend request and connect with you and once they do that then they will start spamming you with all kind of offer, commonly CPA offer, dating offer, is just a waste of time and you can go back and flush out some of those people you may have accepted their friend request in the past.

Fake Profiles On Facebook

I have a tool that I personally use to detect people that I suspected being fake profile, is very easy to do, when people send me a friend request I don't just automatically accept a friend request that I get, I do actually go and look their profile. is very easy to tell the obvious fake profile or scammers out there, but sometimes you can really tell so if you go to someone profile and you see maybe they are brand new on Facebook and they got only a couple of photo and not a lot of activity.

it doesn't necessary means that they are scammer, it could be they are just brand new on Facebook and they don't really know what to do and if you are a networker or network marketer and you are looking to reach out and build your organisation to network with new people and help them by giving them some guild how to do things right on Facebook, you don't want to necessary alien those people because they are just getting started.

So Here is an easy way that I have been using personally and you can very quickly tell if someone is a scammer vs somebody who is real person, who is just new on Facebook.

I got these friend request past Friday from this women name Tanja Dimitrijevic. when I went to her profile what I saw was an attractive woman with one single picture, no other information provided on the profile as seen above.

this person just set-up a Facebook account day before sending me a friend request, so couldn't tell for sure this might just be a new person who is looking to connect and start getting things going on Facebook or it could be somebody who is a scammer, a CPA marketer or maybe trying to hack your account etc.

what I did was, I went to her profile and I grab her profile image. commonly the scammer will use an attractive woman, sometimes attractive men but whatever reason most of the time it is seen to be attractive women because men of course more likely to just automatically say look Hi cheek am gonna go ahead and friend this person. this's the image, so when you look at it. 

Fake Profiles On Facebook

is just a candy picture of an attractive female, she said she was from USA and I really couldn't tell for sure more details about this person. I just save the profile image to my desktop and once I did that then I go to this tool called and once you save the image to your drive, just go to that file and upload the image into TinEye and click search.

Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

it gonna immediacy search and you can see 7.847 billion images in less than a second and it found 4 results of the exact same image, you can scroll down and it gonna show you where the same image as being used elsewhere on the internet and immediacy I can tell this person is a scam.

Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

this image as being used for somebody name pricey, another places is being use was Russian marriage,, so this person set-up a fake account and went to find a picture online of an attractive woman to connect with me for unknown reason. there is know value having that kind person as a friend.

you can also use this technique to go back through your current friend, and the people that you see, there is no activity, nothing happens on their Facebook profile. not everybody is gonna come up with this information like this when you use this tool. but the obvious scammer you gonna be able to tell right away.

I have done this in some cases where I found a profile image and I get like 50 result and you can go through them and you will see it as being used on a dating site under different names which clearly indicate that this's not a real person. obviously is a picture of a real person, but the person using that photograph is not the real person they are trying to be on Facebook.

I hope you found that useful, feel free to drop me a comment if you have anything in mind.