How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money

What I like to do when am just chilling out and relaxing in a cool place is I think about stuff, I think about what can I do to improve my business and also what can I put out there, what kind of information I can put out to help other struggling marketers to succeed with whatever they are trying to accomplish.

website traffic

one of the things I think about today was something that I struggle with, and it was really understanding this concept about traffic versus result. the question that I deal with a long time was how much traffic does it take to get a good result.

there is a natural tendency when we first get started with marketing online or network marketing.

you put too much focus on trying to get traffic before you truly understand what as to be in place in other to convert that traffic into the result that you want, which is going to be ultimately and then sales conversion.

I want to talk a little bit about that, and show you a few things so you can get the point that am getting across.

but the button line is, a lot of people jump into something and the first step they take is by looking for a way to get traffic, sometimes they even buy traffic and they don't understand the differences between good traffic and bad traffic.

they don't understand what they have to have in place in other for that traffic to then be converting on the offer they are trying to offer.

putting your focus on traffic first is not necessarily the best way to go, you must have the right business set-up before you start generating traffic, you have converting lead capture pages, you have an approving system in place, 

if you don't have those things in place, if you an affiliate marketer or you are marketing a network marketing business, when you start to make like $20 - $30 maybe even an $100, when somebody buy your stuff. you gonna have a really tough time because that is not enough return your investment.

even if you are going after free traffic, your investment is time, time is money, and as you get more and more successful in this industry, you will realize how much your time is actually worth.

I will not go for anything out there that can't make me at least $500 or more per customer, if you gonna put the time and effort to being successful in this industry, you need to seriously look at your process for what you are doing and you need to look how much time that actually cost you.

if you bring in a hundred customers or let say you bring in 5 new people into your business opportunity each day which is entirely possible. 

if you are doing that consistently you have to train everyone individually. you have to spend time with them, you have to meet them, 

and every step of that you not gonna be able to grow your business.

you gonna create a nightmare of a situation where you work more than full time and you are now training people trying to keep them from quitting and you are no longer focusing on bringing new people in, which is where the lifeblood of your business is.

so all these things are thing you have to consider, i want to show you a few thing because in the article you are going to be very surprised how little traffic it actually take to make a signific income in this industry, when you set-up the right system in place and the right understanding and knowledge of how to do it and how little time it actually takes.

I want to show you something very interesting that I found when I did a research on google for how much traffic does a website need to make money. and the very first thing that Google pops up is basically talking about their Google AdSense program, is a program website own can signup for and be able to get paid when people click on ads that are displayed on their site.

website traffic

as you can see, it talks about what it takes to make six figure income, a $100,000 a year using Google Adsense, now here is what it said, it said, you have to earn $274 a day to earn an $100,000 a year. if your average cost per click is $0.25 meaning that, the ads that are displaying on your site will pay you $0.25 every time someone clicks on it.

then you need approximately 100,000 clicks and 100,000 divided by 25 that should be 400,000 clicks a year or approximately 1.000 clicks a day to earn an $100,000 a year from Google Adsense.

then in other to earn an $100,000 a year from Google Adsense you gonna have to have a 100,000 page views a day, and to get a 100,000 page views a day on a website. it takes a lot. that is a lot of traffic guys.

Now the reason am bringing this up and why I think this's a really good way to lead into some other result that am going to show you is that, there is a lot of people out there trying to make money from program like Google Adsense or really low affiliate offers or even network marketing company that pay you little percentages, little commission. meaning that you have to have a lot of traffic in other to make any serious money or to get a serious result.

my point is this, if you set-up the right business, you don't need that amount of traffic to make it big on the internet. correct me if am wrong, everyone who get into this industry as a goal of making at least six figure income. 

a lot of people believe that you need to have massive amount of traffic in other to get a result, so they tend to focus on getting traffic a bunch of traffic and then realize it, I think I don't know what am doing, how don't know how to get traffic.

when they get little traffic or maybe they get a few sales or few people click their ads and make some penny, they get discouraged and they quite.

when you understand some key course concept of how business works and how money is really made online then you don't need a massive amount of traffic, 

On my getresponse account I generate 13 lead and on my last 7 days I have zero pay traffic running, all my pay traffic are completely turn off and I have been testing out some free traffic strategy and am really paying attention to my metrics. I got free traffic coming in from facebook, twitter, blog, and forum.

with that, I got 13 lead and one new member signup for my business opportunity, 1 sign-up at of 13 lead, that is really good, especially when you consider that the value per customer for my sales is around $400, it like between $600 - $800, per customer.

we are not talking about making $0.25 per clicks here, will are talking about making big dollars, yesterday it was 30 lead and 3 new member join my team, that is 1 new member signup for every 10 leads and last 7 day I got 240 leads and 18 people join my team just in last 7 days, remember no paid traffic.

and with this 13 lead that I got, I have generated almost $150 in just one day and also remember that some member signup for my business opportunity. am not really worry about my low traffic to my business because I believe a few lead I got and a few member that join my team will make me more than $400 per day

Now let compare to what we talk about in the being with Google Adsense or low paying affiliate offer people struggling to get enough traffic to make real money. with AdSense, your option is, you have to get 100,000 page views a day on your offer in other to make an $100,000 a year with Google Adsense.

now compare that, 100,000 page view a day to make $274 or going back to this, in just one day I made $150 for my 13 lead that I generated, I don't need 100,000 page views a day to make $150. now with just 13 visitors a day coming into my offer that made me $150.

that is how it work folks, you don't need thousand of traffic to make six figure income online, if you join the right program or set-up a good business, you will definitely make a lot of money online. I hope you learn some new from thing article and if you have any to say, you can use the comment box below.