How to Rank your Website to the Top of Google

I want to show you some Rule for SEO and it the only rule you need to know to get up to the top of search engine, it helps you to get more visitors and less bonus back. 

rank in Google

this's the same method wikihow use to get $60 million Dollars free traffic per month to their site.

website traffic

if they have to pay for this traffic he will be worth $60 million dollars depending on the competition stuff.

But this's really not a complex procedure and it is easy to do, a lot of people are not using this because they are looking for the complicated thing. if you actually do this and work on it and do a Good job you will be high on search engine for whatever keyword you want to be on.

Is just a simple 6 step method but before we get into this,  you need to ask yourself. 

What does Google really want?.

that is a really good question because Google is the one that brings in all the online traffic. So what is Google really want? and it come down to one word


Google want your site to be Relevant if you want to be at the top of search engine your site need to be relevant for people who are searching.

But before we get into how Google determines your site is relevant within the searches. Let talk about what other people are doing wrong that you should NEVER do!

And this's what typically happen when hiring an SEO company, you get all this keyword. you know, people say hey, this's all the keyword I want to rank on, this really happen all the time with us, people say hey I want to rank for all this keyword.

most of the keyword do not represent the site at all, they do, but not 100%,  for example, if you thought of using the keyword "Best Survey sites" and what happen is that Google will put you on the search engine for Best Survey sites, when you look the Best Survey sites, people really want to make some money online.

ran in google

then when people go to your site, let say, you use the keyword Best Survey sites, and Google rank you on the second pages for it. when people go to that page they will get bored and bounce off your page!

rank in Google

How does Google know your site is relevant?

Is the time they use on the page, this is called engagement. the more engaged the user is, the more Google will want to rank your site high on search engines.

How does Google know your site is relevant? And people are engaging with your site?

Google would put you on the search engine, let say you do some meta tag and keyword you want. and then Google will send a little bit of traffic to your site as a test. and then they would time how long people use on that site.

ran in google

if you have a lot paragraph and other things people had to read that make them stay long on that site, Google will rank you higher.

the more time on a Page the better, that is the keyword. and the less time on a page the more likely you will go down and down on the search engine, relevant to the content you have on that site.

So what do you do?

Your goal should be to get your Audience excited to be on your page. they should come to your site and get exactly what they want, and that is what Google want, they want people to go and typing up something and getting the exactly best of the best result for that keyword.

rank in google

remember, Google is doing all they can, so people can't trick them to do this, 

How do you do this?

first, you have to as yourself, who are you talking to?

rank in google

* What are they searching for?
* What keywords are they using?
* What do they want to find?


99% of the time, this is really really important!

What are they searching for?

what keyword are they searching for, you will use that in your website, put those keyword they are searching for, and relevant to your site,  typically I don't like to have too many keywords per page.

* What keywords are they using?

what keyword are they looking for that will make them find you, and what is it they want to find

if 99% of your target audience would not use that particular keyword.  THEN DON'T USE THAT KEYWORD!.

I have seen so many people try to do a lot of keyword on their page and it just not working. then what happen, if people go to your page they will get bored and they would bounce off your page! and then you will go down and down on the search engine, is not Good.

What you want to do is.

1. Have the right keywords on your page.

2. You get place on Google as a test.

but you need to do some little backlink and post to social media site, I don't want to talk about backlink in this article because I want to make it short for busy people to read very quickly, but  I have covered a lot of article on how to get backlink on this site, so just look around this site or go here. you really want people to know about your site.

Google will see that your site got some traffic they will rank your site little higher to test you out.

3. then people will go to your page, Google will see that people go to your page.

4. Google will see if people are getting exactly what they want and Google will rank you higher and higher if they stay on that page.

this is really Good, Google want to see better engagement and they want to see that people are sharing your page with other and they will see that as a sign that your site is very relevant to that specific keyword.

And they will put you higher on the search engine, you don't have to work so hard trying to do all this technique stuff by hiring this big company for $6000 -7000 thousand dollar per month.

people hire SEO company to do all these things and what happen is that you will get rank high

Google will notice that content is not relevant and then you will get drop down again. and then you have to go over and over again to do that same process on every single keyword.

that is why a lot of people who have site are ranking high and not doing any advertising and they are getting a lot of traffic because they are giving relevant content.

think about what you want when you go to Google, you want to have a relevant information. 

you really like to researcher first before you buy anything, you want to research the company first, you want to see their review and everything.

that is what you really want to do for your clients, your customers, and users. 

because not only you will rank high on Google, but people actually like your content! And this is what makes people happy!

Rank your Website

this is what make Google happy and this's how world is going around now, it actually a really good thing, you know, not trying to tricks Google and give a great content that actually a great thing.

Remember, always be creating high-value content! that is the tricks to be placed on google, I hope you learn something new from this article, your comment are always welcome