How To Drive Unlimited Free Traffic With Google Plus

What am gonna talk about today is how to drive free unlimited traffic using Google plus, I'm starting with free traffic because I'm assuming you have a limited budget. most people who are just starting out do have a limited budget. 

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but if you don't have a limited budget and if you are comfortable doing pay traffic, that just make these even easier. because once you master this system your earning pay click can be so high that you can basically spend whatever on pay advertising and still be able to make a profit.

I want to started by giving you just a couple free traffic system that you can put into practice right way, even if you don't have a huge budget, I don't think that not having a budget could stop you from making money online. 

there are two key principles for using these statics consistently and using it in the right way, first of all.

* Always be cool.

* Always add value.

what I mean is that you should not spam these traffic methods! Deliver real value up-front and be a real person who's genuinely contributing value to the people life. the question you always need to ask yourself is who is the other person on the other end of this computer. who is this person that seen your message, that seen your content, that seen the stuff that you post.

And what the reaction gonna be, you put yourself in their shoe and really ask yourself that question, because just posting a random link or some spamming affiliate link, is only gonna piece people off and is not gonna get you any traffic.

what you need to do is always add value, contribute something important to their life, help them out with something, solve their problem.  I just want you to understand right now that if you think you could jump on facebook, twitter or whatever, and just posting your affiliate link and you expect people to buy stuff, is not gonna happen.

wherein 2017 now, people are much more suffocated than they use to be, people don't respond to that kind of stuff, what they respond too is a real committed caring person who general as their best interest in heart and who know what they are talking about.

The step to drive easy social media traffic are these.

1.  traffic source

find a place where the people in your marketer already handing out, is much easier to find people that are already interesting in your targeting market, I will show you exactly how to do that.

2.  Good Content

then deliver them some Good content, am talking about a simple recommendation, just contribute to the discussion, if you feel comfortable doing a short 30-second video giving them some kind of tips, that is great. 

if you ever be on your own facebook account, twitter or Google plus, whatever it is, when somebody posts something, you look at it, you were like Hooooo that was good, that was interesting, I does that, 

that is kind of stuff you want to show for.

it doesn't have to be anything life changing,  but it does just have to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and be a cool person that is all people want to know.

3. One of The Gang

position yourself as one of The Gang, if you join some community on facebook or Google plus, whatever is it, maybe you guys talking about dogs training, you want to position yourself as someone who loves dogs.

for example, if you go to warrior forum you will find certain people on the warrior forum, they just seem to have an answer to everyone question. they know what they are talking about, they have been around the blog, they are very helpful, they always been there to help people out. that is what you want to do in the beginning, that is how you wanna establish yourself. 

is not some outsider who come in there to push a sale on people, but just a cool person who know what they are talking about and happy to contribute to the group and discussion.

4.  Quality Traffic.

when you got that, you can tap into unlimited Quality Traffic from facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn or any social network. that is the really the Key.

if you have a budget, then do pay advertising because it allow you to bypass all of these, but if you don't have a budget this work extremely well, to get your message in front of the people who really want to hear it, the people who are most likely to buy what you are offering.

Once again, Find where people in your market are already gathering, provide good quality information, and position yourself as an extremely smart member of the community. 

Here's how to do it using Google plus to drive the traffic that you need into the knockout profit system

Google plus is not functional like facebook, but it can be very powerful for marketers. there is one great feature google plus as that other social media network don't. and that is the ability to add people to what google plus refer to as circles

Circles is a group of people in google plus, you can take people and just add them to whatever circles you want, and once you do that it gives you that ability to post on their timeline, post on their feed without that person giving you permission to do so.

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this's a total difference from friendly someone on facebook, if you want to post to someone wall on facebook, you have to send them a friend request they have to accept that friend request and they have to basically give you permission to do that.

Google plus doesn't work that way, if you add someone to your circles you will automatically have the power to post whatever you want into their feed, that is extremely powerful, that create a huge opportunity for marketers if you know what you are doing. 

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these is another tips, if you have less than hundred people in one of your circles, it also gives you the ability to email their Gmail account, it gives you the ability whatever you posting in their timeline and also posted to their Gmail account.

it basically allows you to send out an email blast to people who have not option-in into anything that you are doing.

Am telling you this, I know some people who will read these and use it for evil, they will start building up google plus circles and start spamming people with all kind of offers, you guys gonna rule it for yourself and rule for everyone else, because the more you do this, the more google will crack down everything.

but right now is basically wide open, you can do this as much as you want. 

Let me show you how to do these the right ways so that you are not spamming anybody, the thing about google plus is that you can search for anything you want.

Let say that you are in the make money online niche, you always talk about how to make money online quickly, so let go ahead and search for make money online in the google plus search box.

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Now is showing us people and pages related to making money online

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what you can do is go ahead and add them to a circle and just name it make money online, that is all you have to do.

then once you got those people added to your circles, you can click the circle's tab to see everyone in it.

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Remember that I said if you have less than hundred people in one of your circles it gives you the ability to email to their Gmail, if you have more than hundred people in your circles that ability goes way.

let say you want to start building a list of making money online tips, you can do that, just make sure when you get to 97 - 98 people, what you do is create a new circles, for example, you can create, make money online 1, make money online tips 2, make money online tips 3, make money online tips 4,  and so on.

start getting people into your circles and clearly label what the circles are, and make sure if you want to email people they are less than hundred.

google plus does have a limit of 5000 people that you can have in your circles.

How do you post and send an email to people in your circles, this's very easy.

you just need to update your status just like you normally do on facebook, you can post whatever you want, link, videos, images, anything, then they ask you to add circles.

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as you can see in the image, I just pick one of my circles I name small business2, my post will be seen by everybody in small buness2 it will go right to their feed.

look at the arrow below that say, also send an email to small business2, if I check that box and hit share, it gonna blast that status update to their email inbox of everybody in that circles. you can see how powerful that is.

website traffic
website traffic

I will advise you to spend some time just posting to people timeline to build the trust, don't email them instantly.

you can just post to their timeline and say, hey guys this's a cool video that I saw, here is a quick tip about make money online fast, here is a link to my blog that I wrote about 10 tips to make money online fast.

just build up that relationship, when you don that for a little while then you can invite this poeple to whatever stuff you may be selling. 

google plus also as a community, you can use the search bar to find people or you can just look for community.

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here is a community about weight loss, that is another way you can find people, people you can target and add to your circles, if I go to make money online community, for example, these people will be interested in weight loss stuff, you can post a link about your product, is up to you how you want to use it

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if you know how to build a relationship you may end up getting Unlimited free traffic to whatever stuff you may be promoting, 

okay guys that is how it work inside google plus and i hope you learn something new from these.