Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is a tool to help connect people with their product and drive traffic back to your site. and that is why is so valuable. for those of you who still new to Pinterest, let me just talk a little bit about it.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Pinterest in a social bookmarking site where users share a photo they find around the web, what make Pinterest difference from some of the other social bookmarking sites is that, is all about posting a picture with a minimum of text. because is a social site, you can follow other users, you can repin things, you can like them. and then it connects with other social media, you can push out what you are pinning or liking on to twitter and facebook.

 As you probably know by now Pinterest is huge and is a social networking site where people share images and it as millions of users. in this article, I will show you how you can easily build up a massive niche related following on Pinterest and how you can use that following to send traffic, sales, and backlink to your site.

Let Get Started

Here is my simple 3 step to building up massive Pinterest account

Step One

Set up a Pinterest account, nothing complicated to do, just go to and registered a new account, enter your site data and upload a picture, just like the other stuff you will do when setting up any other social network account.

Step Two

Do a search on Pinterest for your niche, if you are into fitness, weight loss, make money online, internet marketing, etc. you can simply search for it.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Next, clink the people button to see the list of other Pinterest account that related to your niche. from the above screenshot you can see a bunch of making money online related account.

What to do is to find niche related account that has a lot of followers. one of the niche related accounts below have 35,000 following, so it looks perfect, clicks on it, to get to the profile page, then from there just click on the follower button.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

because of this people are following another make money online related account, is obvious they want to learn about make money online and these people will be extremely likely to actually follow your account and also share your stuff. and to get these people to follow your account, all you need to do is to follow them all.

just go through the list and start following them one by one, many of this people will see that you have followed them because your account are also in their niche they interested in. and tons of them will follow you back, you can follow 300 people at a time and it wouldn't be long before you start getting your first followers.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Now if you just spend a few minute doing this every day until you follow 10 thousand of people, then by that stage you should have at least 2 - 3 thousand new niche related followers that are really interested in the stuff you want to post. And by this stage your page to start to grow organically as people naturally find your Pinterest account.

Step Three

Try to pin a lot of stuff, every time you add a new content to your site may sure you have a nice image on that page, then just pin that image and make sure you have a link to your page in your description. and every time you submit a piece of content, you just got a backlink from a huge authority site. 

well, that is really just a beginning, because every time someone repins one of your content, that link will get to their profile and you will score another backlink. if you submit a piece of content that repins 20 time that means is been reported to 20 difference profile and you just got 20 new back backlinks.

But, you will also get free traffic and sales from Pinterest especially if you are targeting a niche that popular on Pinterest, like fashion or health or cooking. you can also submit your youtube video if you have a channel and get backlink, views, and subscriber from there too.

Again, this's  very powerful if you have a youtube channel about a niche that is popular on Pinterest, and as you share more content from your account and more people reshare your stuff more new people will find and follow your account.

that is all you have to do to set-up a big Pinterest account that you can use over and over again to drive traffic, backlink, and sales to your site. Good Luck.....