How To Use Software Directory site To Create Backlink For Your WebSite

This used to be a highly popular method a few years back. While its popularity has most certainly thinned down over the years, there is no denying the fact that it still works well from the link diversity perspective. Basically, what we are doing here is converting a piece of content, such as a PDF, into an EXE file, and then submitting it to some software directories, in order to get backlinks through the pages from these sites.

How To Software Directory site To Create Backlink For Your WebSite

Two of the most popular ones would be and . below are some of the best Software Directory websites, you can make use off.

Using Automation

Since again, these links too, do not get counted amongst the most important of the backlinks you will be building, a good idea would be to automate this. The tool I recommend for this purpose is PadBot and it is priced at $30. This tool covers both the steps that go into getting software directory backlinks – i.e. 

converting your content into an EXE file as well mass submission of the same to multiple software directories. Again, automation is self-explanatory. You can easily figure out how to use PadBot once you download it. The link: