Finally! The Best FREE TRAFFIC Strategies That Works

Here is the mistake that I did when I first started online, I use to sit around because I heard facebook have 800 million members, that the traffic is there and is the number one website in the world. I use to sit in front on my computer, well maybe you do the same thing, I wasted too much time on facebook by posting things on facebook hoping to get the traffic that I want because I know that the key to online marketing success is driving highly targeted traffic. 

I was thinking, the number on facebook can get me the traffic that I want and I sat there for an hour.

Finally! The Best FREE TRAFFIC Strategies That Works

But one day I remember speaking to one of my online friends, we were talking about the situation that I was not really producing the result that I wanted too, but I was producing some result but no really to the level that I wanted too. and he gave me some advice.

He said to me, what are you doing, and I told him what I was doing by posting to group and fan pages, He said, what you are doing is all well and good you can get traffic there. but there is a distinguishing you need to be aware of, but I really don't get the way he put it to me. and the way he put it was like this. Social Media is great, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, all this social media strategy are Good but They are HERE & NOW traffic.

When i head that concept HERE & NOW what is that mean, and what that means is that if you put it here and whatever you get is gonna be here & now, is like if you add a post to a group and somebody else put another post, your message will drop down, if somebody else continue putting their post, your message will disappear. 

It depends on traffic the group is getting, your post can be at the top for a minute or for just seconds. Social media, for the most part, is something that is a here & now traffic strategy, is something that can produce an immediately result or you can just be posting things and vanish in front of the screen in a matter of seconds or minute. but social media marketing is good obviously is really Good. but there is a limitation to it.

He said, What you need to add to your marketing traffic strategy is the THEN AND THERE traffic technic. THEN AND THERE traffic strategies produces long-term residual effects. they don't have the immediately affect HERE & NOW have.

On social media, if you post in front of 20,000 people and who ever want to react now will react. the people that are making the big money online are using both they are combining both for those strategy to produce the result they are looking for.

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the strategy here is to have a link on Authority site and link back to your site. for example, a yahoo answer is a place where people ask questions, you can have a link there that drive traffic back to your information site, sales page or blog site.