5 YouTube Ranking Factor - How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

Videos was a powerful way to grow your online business and videos only work if people actually watch your videos, and today you will learn five step process for ranking number one in youtube fast. 5 month ago my friend wanted to publish a video So I told him that I will like to do some experiment with the video before publishing and after my experiment, this video consistently getting thousand of views and subscribers.

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My secret, I learn everything I could about video SEO, unfortunately, most of the advice that I read about ranking in youtube didn't work,. you know the advice am talking about. PUT YOUR KEYWORD IN YOUR VIDEO DESCRIPTION. PUT KEYWORD IN YOUR VIDEO FILENAME. WRITE 20 TAGES FOR EVERY VIDEO. Sure, this stuff can help but your video will not rank to the top of Google of youtube. 


Because everyone on youtube is doing the exact same thing, after trying all the advice that I read is getting know were.

I decided to run some experiment and that is what I learn that really works. specific I discover youtube 5 most important ranking factor and only a few people know about it.


Youtube and Google can now listen to your videos even without a transcript, for example, let say you just publish a video about HEALTH DESSERTS, then a few weeks later you realize that the keyword HEALTHY DESSERTS is too competitor, so you go back and optimize it around difference keyword like LOW CARB DESSERTS.

this sounds smart but is something that doesn't work as well as he uses too. WHY. even if your keyword LOW CARD DESSERTS is in your title description and tags, you never said that keyword once in the video.

Youtube knows this and it looks fishing, To youtube, your video is about HEALTHY DESSERTS, but all of your page metadata is said is about LOW CARB DESSERTS so they wouldn't rank you for either keyword.


Google and Youtube are getting smarter every day, Google and Youtube both use your video's title to understand what your videos is all about. So make sure to include your Exact keyword once in your title, probably in the beginning of your title. 


you may have notice that long videos tend to perform better in youtube.

youtube most important ranking factor is your video TOTAL WATCH TIME, as you probably know the more of your video people watch the better it intent to rank because youtube want to promote a video that keeps people on youtube for a long period of time.

the more minute people watch your video the more youtube want to rank it in the search result. for example, let say you just publish 2 difference video, video 1 is two minutes long and video 2 is 10 minutes long.

How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

let say each video get 1000 views and the audience Retention for both videos is exactly the same,  50%, that means the total watch time for the 2-minute video will be 1000 minute but for the long video, that video watch time will 5000 minutes.  

How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

That means video number 2 will have 5 time watch time of video number one. which means there is unlikely rank for video number one.


As I said long video intent to rank better because they accumulate more total watch time. but there is one big problem with this approach, YOU HAVE TO KEEP SOMEONE ATTENTION.

If you could HOOK someone in the first 15 seconds of your video you HOOK them for Good. in fact Youtube recommends that you focus on your FIRST 15 SECONDS OF YOUR VIDEO to maximize watch time.

How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

But how do you HOOK people in the first 15 seconds of your video? 

Start your video with the "PPP FORMULA"  the PPP stand for PREVIEW, PROOF, PREVIEW.  here is exactly how it work.


Preview what your video is all about, for example, let say your video is about 10 Tips to Loss weight. you can start your video saying IN THIS VIDEO YOU WILL LEARN 10 TIPS TO LOSS WEIGHT FAST. that is it.


Here is the proof you can deliver, you can mention that you already ACCOMPLISHED what the viewers want, that you have a lot EXPERIENCE or you have don a RESEARCH about your topic.

for example, you can say this's The Tips I Use to Loss 5 pound in 60 days, 

you can mention a NUMBER OF TIPS, A DETAINS FROM THE CASE STUDY, or you can share something completely New. for example, you could say, TODAY I WILL SHOW YOU SOME FOOD YOU STOP HEATING. This will make your views want to keep watching


Youtube want to see that people actually interacting with your video. the more people watch, like, subscribe and comment on your video, the higher your video will rank in youtube search result. Now the strategy I show you so far will help you naturally get more of this user interactive signal.

But there are 2 simple task you can use on every video, to increase your videos user Interaction signal, 

* Ask people to like your video in your video, 

* At the End of your video ask people to subscribe and comment.


When someone search on youtube, youtube pay very close to what video they click on, for example, let say you rank number 5 for your target keyword. as you probably know, video ranking number 1 to 4 get the majority of clicks, but for some reason, a lot of people are clicking on your video at number 5 in the search result. what do you think Youtube will think about your video? they will give your video a ranking Boost to make it easier for people to find.

Tips to optimize your click through rate 

* make sure to include your target keyword in the title once, like I mention before, your Goal with your title should be to maximize your click through rate.

* Write something compelling in your first line of your description. most people will put a link to their website or channel and is a huge mistake, noting entries to click on than a link to someone website. Instead, write a sensitive that include your target keyword in a compelling way.

Hope you learn something New from this tutorial, if you have anything in mind, don't forget to drop your comment.