How To Get A Massive Traffic From Your Old Content


Today I'm going to talk to you about how to get rid of legacy old pages on your website that aren't doing anything for you, you'll learn how to take those and maximize them so that you're driving more traffic to the page that you care about. And as a result, you're lifting the overall authority and traffic levels on your entire website.

12 Important SEO Tools & Software (You Need Today)

12 Important SEO Tools & Software

Today, I'm going to be talking to you about some of the coolest search engine optimization tools. There out, that is going to help you more effectively drive traffic and rankings for your website. 

How To The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business (8 Step To Follow)

Digital Marketing Agency

When you're selecting a digital marketing agency, it's really important that you go through a series of questions and points with them to make sure that they're the right fit for you. There's a lot of different agencies out there that all specialize in different services, in different types of websites that they help. So make sure that you really hone in on a few core things, 

SEO vs SEM - The Difference Between SEO and SEM

Today I'm going to talk to you about the difference between SEO and SEM. A lot of people get confused about this, especially the newbie.


How To Effectively Target Keywords In Your Content Marketing

Today I'm going to teach you how to target keywords in your content marketing so that it doesn't compete with the rest of your website. Targeting keywords in your content marketing, opposed to the rest of your website is always a great idea.

Content Marketing

But is actually offer some challenges that you might not be aware of. For example, say you optimize one of the pages on your blog which you're doing your content marketing on, for a really big term.

And then that page ends up ranking really high for that term, and the rest of your website doesn't. That can have a major effect on your online business because the page that you're targeted in your content marketing can have lower conversion rates than a potential page that you could have targeted on the rest of your website on another template.

So when it comes to content marketing, and targeting keywords inside your content marketing, you absolutely want to do it, but you need to be really deliberate in how you do this, and it's very important that you think of your website in segments.

If you're thinking of your website in segments, and you know that you want to target specific keywords in specific areas on specific template, by doing that, you're going to allow the right pages to rank in the right place in google, and you're going to have higher conversion rates, generate more leads, revenue, whatever your goal is on your website, and that's gonna allow you to be more successful online.

When it comes to a website, there are five different types of website models. 

* There are websites for branding 

* Websites for lead generation 

* Website for e-commerce

* Websites for publishing

* Then there's information-base sites.

Those are the main types of websites and when you're thinking of these different types of sites, you always want to think about the different segments of those sites, and how you're going to target keywords in each of the buckets.

When we're thinking about service sites, for example, and a service site that's potentially trying to do lead generation, what you gonna want to do is make sure that on your main service pages, you're targeting your highest-converting terms that are going to drive the most business to your website.

Now, what you gonna want to do inside your content marketing, is make sure that you're targeting how-to terms. you're targeting frequently asked questions, you're targeting terms that are generally things that people are seeking out information on, that are a little bit less actionable than the main terms that you would target on your core service pages.

That's a really important distinction that can result in conversions being higher or lower on your site. 

When you're creating these strategies. Make sure that you're really deliberate in what you're targeting on your content marketing. That's a great place just for people to find out general information, for you to target long tail queries, and to answer questions.

Make sure on the rest of your website, that you're being really, really deliberate, and you're targeting your core terms. For example, if you are a lead generation site, and you're offering a service on the service pages target your main terms. 

And then on the content marketing pages, target your main information-based terms and terms that answer questions.

If you're on an e-commerce site, you want to make sure that your categories are targeting broad terms, your subcategories a little more niche, and so on.

Then on your product pages, you're actually targeting the product. But on your blog, you might want to target terms that would review the product, like the product name review, how-to's about the product, and things like that.

Always make sure that when you are doing content marketing, and you're targeting terms on the side of your website, that you've got a conversion rate optimization strategy in place there.

you want to make sure that you're firing exit popups, that you're firing just general popups to nudge people further down into your funnel.

When you fire those popups, those popups go to a deliberate use journey, where that customer is taken through a series of steps that's gonna allow them to better convert.

A lot of people use third-party tools like Unbounce or something like that, for that process. 


As far as targeting terms inside of your content marketing, make sure you're really deliberate about what you want every single page on your website to rank for so that you can have more success online.

How To Get Your First 15,000 Instagram Followers (Without Buying Them)

Am going to be talking about how to get your first 15,000 Instagram followers. I've been doing this over the last six or seven months, I'm now up to 13,000 Instagram followers on my account and I want to teach you how to get them without buying them.

Instagram Followers

Image SEO, Learn To Optimize your Website Images

Today an going to talk about a really important topic, is not just important for SEO, it also important for website development, PHP, social media marketing. And that topic is image optimization. 

Image SEO